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Saturday, September 12, 2009

carpet rugs definition in

carpet rugs definition in : when i checked this website i find that this has all the details of term we use.

When we started manufacturing the carpets and rugs in india, there were certain terms which were not clear to us as that time. what is difference between carpets and rugs, what are handtufted rugs, handknotted rugs, shaggy rugs? There were multiple questions always rover in the mind. is an encyclopidia where you can have answers to many terms used in handmade carpets and rugs.

For more details you may visit our carpet and rug glossary at our website

you may also visit at for more details about the making of custom made rugs.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Design and pattern of custom rugs and custom carpets

Design or pattern of the Rug

When we receive any order for custom rugs/carpets, what we need is design you are looking for making the same for your custom rugs. Whether the design of the rugs you need are contemporary designs, modern designs, abstract design, traditional designs, or just plain, without any design? If the clients have something in their mind, they give us. It also happens that sometimes the clients asks or provide us the pattern, and we make the rugs for them. We have many designs available with us, which we provide sometimes so that they can fix up their mind as to which design they wish to proceed with.

Pattern of custom made rugs : different client different pattern. Custom rugs can be made in any pattern desired, we have loop cut pattern rug, High Low pattern Rug, which are most common running pattern in rugs.

The patterns we also adopt in custom made rug or bespoke rugs are High Low effect Rugs, Loop cut effect Rugs, Loop filled and Loop Border, High pile Rugs in wool and viscose OR say artificial silk rugs, Effect rugs, Tone to tone rugs and such other different pattern of rugs and carpets.

Example of design & colour given by client and we made a rug : view detail at

Design and Colour of Rug Rug as per the Design and Colour : view detail at

Example of pattern given by client and we made a rug : view detail at

Pattern for Rug, with Colours Rug made as per Pattern

Example of cutting and sizes only given and rug transformed : view detail at

Fabric Cutting for Rug Close view of Rug from Fabric Cutting Rug from Fabric Cutting

Different patterns of custom rugs made in different yarns and different Construction/pattern/qualities":

Banquet Hall Carpet Handknotted Rug in Art silk Handknotted Rug in Banana silk

Handknotted Rugswashed & Unwashed Handknotted Wool-Viscose Rug Handtufted 20 mm high pile Woolen Rug

Handtufted high-low effect Wool Rug Loop Border Rugs Loop Filled Rugs

Tibetan weave linen Natural & Bleach-Unwashed & Antique Wash Wool-Original Silk Handknotted Rug Wool-Original Silk Rug Tone to Tone Handtufted Rug

Wool-Silk Mix Handtufted Rug Wool-Viscose Handknotted Loop Cut Effect Rugs

You can view the details WITH PICTURE EXAMPLE AT

How Custom Carpets Custom Rugs Are Made

Excerpts from

How Custom Carpets Custom Rugs Are Made : There are 5 points to note before you place any order for custom rugs and custom carpets :

1. Design or pattern of the rug : view details at

2. Custom Rug Colour : view detail at

3. Pile Material for Custom Rug : view detail at

4. Size and Shape of Custom Rugs : view detail at

5. Quality of Custom Rugs and Custom Carpets : view detail at

What are custom rugs & custom carpets ?

Excerpts from :

What are custom rugs & custom carpets ?

Simple question which come at one shot is what are custom rugs and custom carpets?

Take in broad terms that when some rug/carpet is made as per your design, colour and sizes, they are called custom rugs or custom carpets. This means that something is made as per your taste.

We manufacture custom rugs and carpets on 2 patterns :

Custom rugs for individual clients, which covers residential apartments rugs and carpets, rugs required for villas etc.

Custom rugs and carpets for hotels, which covers custom rugs for banquet halls, rugs for hotel rooms, beach resorts etc.

What we need from your side are the Designs, and colours for your desired custom rugs and custom carpets

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